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Do You Want To Know How To Beat A DUI?

  • Are you stuck with payments on a car you can’t drive now?

  • Are you a prisoner in your own home now that you can’t go anywhere?

  • Are you skulking around work, family, and friends hoping nobody will “find out”?

  • Or, are you still driving around all paranoid and praying you won’t get caught?

A mild form of shock sets in soon as the flashing lights show in your rear-view mirror and you realize you only had a few drinks up until now. A few fortunate drivers will be let go and forget anything ever happened in a week or so. For the rest, the nightmare is just beginning as soon as the handcuffs are clamped on. You’re getting a DUI!

Punishment for driving under the influence (DUI) commonly include jail time, hefty fines, recurring court dates, mandatory attendance at DUI schools and AA meetings, community service, probation - but worst of all: drivers license suspension (or revocation).

The ordeal that begins with the first day of arrest, then conviction, and going through through all the above can take from several months to a year or more. Nevertheless, as bad as it all seems, everything seems manageable except one – No Driver’s License!

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How does a normally productive citizen go through daily life in the USA without being allowed to drive? It’s virtually impossible, which is why license reinstatement after DUI is your #1 concern, and DUI expungement to get your drivers license back as soon as possible is huge.

Throughout all this nobody is your friend and it seems society could care less. What’s even worse is now you’re watching how awful other drivers are and they still have perfectly valid licenses. How could something you had for so many years suddenly be snatched away so fast, and now, for so long?

Unfortunately, with little flexibility in the system and the one-size-fits-all DUI process in force there is but one procedure that everyone is expected to follow. The general reaction to getting your license back after a DUI is just to go with the flow and deal with it. Do what you’re supposed to do and wait out the time.

You’re going to make many adjustments like memorizing the bus schedules and becoming a master at public transit. You’ll burden your friends and family asking for rides everywhere. Some people even purchase a brand new bicycle with all the trimmings. Maybe you’ll even start a new routine and get some exercise. No, not really. The low level of depression that hangs on and the humbling disgust one feels when losing a drivers license after DUI and being deprived of such an everyday necessity is unbearable.

Realize This - If You Don’t Complete The DUI Process Exactly and 100% On Time You May Never Have A Valid Drivers License Again.

Some people can’t handle all this and blow everything off altogether. Even if several years pass by they’ll never salvage a new drivers license since the DUI process was not followed completely. Eventually, after a long while, driving without a license (and insurance) becomes “normal” - until they’re inevitably caught. You see, if the prescribed DUI process is not followed step by step completely from the beginning, the penalties and consequences snowball and now you’re in worse trouble (much worse) than when it all started.

On the other hand, if you follow the DUI program and do everything correctly, and on time, then the day will come when you get your brand new drivers license back - but wait, not yet. There’s always a snag! Undoubtedly, something was forgotten or not done right. Nobody told you about these things but then there’s no one around to do so. Eventually, you will get your license back after DUI, but it clearly will not be as soon as you expected when this all began.

A DUI is definitely not something you want to deal with from scratch. An attorney may be there with you through the court process and attempt to get you the lightest sentence, but after court, they’re done. You’re still left with all the mandatory residual tasks to complete and that’s where most people are left out in the cold, alone, and vulnerable.

Fortunately, the entire DUI process can be simplified and accelerated, but only if you learn exactly what to do right away!




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