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Appeal Your DUI Conviction


After your court date, you may be facing a DUI conviction, but that doesnít mean that you canít continue to fight your DUI. 

By working with a DUI attorney, you may be able to file an appeal to ask another court to reevaluate your DUI case. When you appeal your DUI, the higher court may find that there were errors made during the DUI trial that could affect your DUI conviction.

States treat DUI as a serious crime, so if you are convicted of DUI, you could be facing some severe DUI penalties. A first DUI offense could mean jail time, heavy fines, suspension of your driverís license and mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device. With each subsequent DUI offense, the penalties may increase and include longer suspensions, heavier fines and prison time.

A DUI conviction can affect much more than your driving and legal record. You may not be able to keep employment or get a job because of your DUI record. Because a DUI conviction can such a negative impact on your life, you may decide that itís important you fight your DUI, even after a DUI conviction, if itís possible. 

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DUI Appeal Process

During a DUI appeals process, you will work with a DUI attorney to argue that there were mistakes made during your DUI trial that affect your DUI conviction and penalties. Your DUI lawyer can present the higher DUI court with the mistakes made and argue that your case should be dismissed, DUI penalties should be reduced or your case should be retried. 

After an appeal is entered and an argument presented, the appellate court will consider the records from your first DUI trial and briefs written by both the prosecution and defense. The record from your first DUI trial includes a transcript of the case, detailing the evidence presented during the trial.

Itís not possible to have new evidence introduced when you appeal your DUI.

When you appeal your DUI, the process can take quite a while, depending on the appellate courtís schedule. It may be a couple of months before the court will hear your appeal. 

DUI Appeals and State DUI laws

Although there are not state DUI laws determining the timeline of when your DUI appeal is heard, there are DUI laws regarding the amount of time that can pass when an appeal is filed. Most state DUI laws require you appeal your DUI shortly after the conviction or sentencing.

Since the time frame for appealing your DUI is sensitive, a DUI lawyer can advise you about your case and tell you how much time you have to appeal your DUI. A DUI attorney can also explain to you in more detail the DUI appeals process and timeline.

Find out if itís possible for you to fight your DUI even after a DUI conviction by speaking to a DUI attorney in your area today.

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