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How To Beat A DUI and Get Your License Back


Throughout the process of first getting pulled over, the sobriety tests, chemical tests, reading of rights, being handcuffed and placed under arrest, transported, booked, jailed, processed and released, a huge number of factors can get in the way of making a DUI conviction a perfect “clean-cut-and-dried” case.

DUI cases are born by the hundreds (even thousands) every day and certainly, not all of them go to full conviction and loss of a drivers license after DUI.

Too many factors enter the scenario such as human error, improper following of procedure, insufficient evidence and, of course, clever lawyers, that prevent many drunk driving cases from ever closing.

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Nevertheless, far too many cases do close resulting in no chance for a license after DUI due to small details that the driver is unaware of and, if exposed in court, would be grounds for a dismissal. This is why it is sometimes vital to have the best legal representation when contesting a DUI charge. The DUI Lawyers are experts when it comes to reducing or expunging DUI charges and are worth at least talking to for help.

The DUI Process Manual uncovers these scenarios in much greater detail as well as DUI expungement and other DUI record clearing details that everyone should know of.

Here is just one of them for example:

“Reasonable Suspicion”

In light of the “cause and effect” theory there needs to be a particular reason, or cause, for an officer to stop a vehicle and investigate the operator.
  This is commonly referred to as reasonable suspicion.

Without this requirement, anyone at any time could be stopped for any number of reasons, none of which are against the law.

If this were the case, there could be traffic Donald Newton Hoppe stops at every street corner, and nobody would know if they were going to be pulled over every time they set out for an errand or an appointment.

Though a DUI driver may not be breaking any laws at the time they are stopped, certain driving behaviors can raise suspicion to an officer and make them do a stop. This may steer a DUI case into some gray areas, especially if the driver is teetering on the borderline of a definite vs. possible DUI.

This is an example where reasonable suspicion could be called into question and may determine the fate of getting a license back after a dui or not.  Even after such a case, conviction or not, a clear DUI record is in one’s best interest and should not be ignored.




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