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How To Get Your License Back After A DUI...

The DUI Process Manual takes you by the hand and leads you step-by-step from right after you’re first charged with DUI, through the maze of requirements, and all the way through to getting your license back. Regardless of state, you can clean up your record, save money, re-establish auto insurance, pass background checks and most importantly, get your drivers license back.

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“Right now you may feel all alone and at a complete loss. The DUI Process Manual will guide you through all the twists, tricks and panic with 100% support….”


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Pass Pre-Employment Background Checks And Get Your License Back After a DUI


Background checks as part of a pre-employment screening used to be done only for positions such as in the FBI, CIA, and other highly sensitive operations, for obvious reasons.

Today, just about any job position imaginable is subject a pre-employment background check.

Some of the reasons for this include general paranoia after 9/11, endless litigation and lawsuits, tighter government regulations, and simply flat-out lying by job applicants.

Because of these conditions, background checks not only eliminate undesirable applicants but can also snag otherwise lawful citizens into a black hole due to a blemish such as a DUI on their driving record.

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Somewhat worse, the status of one’s drivers license can suddenly be in jeopardy if past DUI convictions are discovered by the authorities in a new location where a driver may have relocated to.

Even during existing employment, a background check can come back to haunt as many employers conduct regular screenings at certain intervals – and this does not just include drug testing.

Just like a credit record is checked by a bank regularly, a criminal record may be periodically searched for by an employer as well.  This can be especially troublesome if an employees' drivers license is at risk due to a recent DUI.

Consequently, the data that is acquired during a background check may not always be accurate either. The information age is still somewhat in “Wild West” mode as some of the most sensitive information about someone is just a mouse click away and other (legal) operations are willing to sell it to anyone.

In cases of getting a license back after a DUI, the history of prior convictions can stay on your record unless DUI expungement is pursued. In addition, even though personal protection laws are being developed to purge these records from public access, many will remain indefinitely unless their owners take action to get them removed themselves.

Keep Your DUI Record From Ruining Your Reputation, Costing You Employment, And Taking Your License!





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