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How To Get License Back After DUI Through DUI Expungement


Expungement is an odd sounding word but the action has a positive effect against ramifications associated with having a criminal record.

The definition of expunge is simply “to erase.”

In the case of a DUI expungement, it can be compared to deleting a file off a computer, but the record actually still exists deep inside the hidden archives.

In most States, a DUI conviction becomes a criminal record, so the same definition applies and you can therefore, expunge your DUI record. This provides a huge feeling of liberation as it can have a lasting effect on a person's livelihood.

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Just having a DUI expungement can open the possibility of getting your license back after a DUI.

To expunge a DUI usually means also not having to report a DUI on certain applications pertaining to employment or other personal matters.

In addition, a properly expunged DUI record is generally prohibited form appearing on pre-employment background checks or other sensitive inquirys.

Not all criminal records are eligible for expungement, obviously, as several conditions may apply such as past criminal history, the purpose of the expungement, and the severity of the offense for which expungement is being considered for.

As mentioned in the computer file comparison above, an expungement is usually blotted out from a person’s legal records but not totally obliterated. For example, a DUI expungement may be revived and considered in subsequent cases such as a repeat offense. 

Nevertheless, to expunge a DUI is practically unheard of but the effects are amazingly positive.




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