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Getting Your License Back After A DUI In California


In California, the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) and the Courts seem to operate as separate entities.

After a traffic stop and a subsequent charge for DUI the mail will start to roll in. In that mail will be notices from the DMV as well as other agencies, such as the County and/or State courts giving notice to the status of your drivers license after DUI as well as other conditions and requirements.

Unfortunately, the contents of one letter does not supercede the other. In other words for example, if a letter is received from the DMV after any other notices, then even though the DMV notice looks like some form of DUI drivers license conclusion, that doesn’t mean that anything received prior is no longer “in force.”

This can cause massive confusion in an otherwise stressful time period in itself.

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Even worse, one letter received after another letter from the same entity may have it’s own conditions applied which again, may mean one thing in addition to the other but not in place of the other.

In the State of California, the driver’s action to a DUI charge against them must be taken immediately, without hesitation, if one is to have any chance of getting a license back after DUI.

Court dates and hearings are separate from DMV activity and take their own amounts of time. Don’t wait for DUI information from the DMV during those time periods.

Interaction with the DMV should happen as soon as possible for any chances of getting at least a DUI Restricted License.  This is separate from a “DMV Hearing” which is an argument against the DUI altogether.

In and of itself, a DMV hearing should not be missed as an opportunity for DUI license reinstatement by considering circumstances as those presented in the Beat a DUI and Clear DUI Record articles. 

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