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The DUI Process Manual takes you by the hand and leads you step-by-step from right after you’re first charged with DUI, through the maze of requirements, and all the way through to getting your license back. Regardless of state, you can clean up your record, save money, re-establish auto insurance, pass background checks and most importantly, get your drivers license back.

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“Right now you may feel all alone and at a complete loss. The DUI Process Manual will guide you through all the twists, tricks and panic with 100% support….”


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Get License Back After DUI In Florida


Getting a DUI in Florida will initiate the activity of two operations in regards to drivers license suspension (or revocation). These are the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) and the Criminal Courts.

The DHSMV begins with the “Administrative Suspension” and the “Criminal Suspension” takes place later on at court - if actually convicted of DUI.

Time is of the essence from day one, and if action is taken immediately the period spent without a valid drivers license can be kept to a reasonable minimum.

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Administrative suspension hearings are available and present the possibility of DUI license reinstatement from that source. This is one of the first actions to take on and should be approached before waiting for the court procedures.

See the the Beat a DUI and Clear DUI Record articles for scenarios that may seem familiar.  For further clarification and additional DUI strategies refer to the DUI Process Manual as well.

Depending on previous circumstances prior to and during a DUI, such as former drivers license status, insurance coverage, or severity of the DUI offense being charged for, further planning beyond an administrative suspension hearing should not be overlooked. This hints at the possibility that DUI court may play a larger role in suspension of a driver license after DUI.

A Hardship License for DUI is definitely one of those plans and will inevitably involve DUI school.

Florida DUI class plays a mandatory part of getting your license back after DUI whether obtaining a DUI hardship license for earlier driving privileges or simply waiting out the suspension period altogether.

In any event, the worst possible action to take is that of nothing. If asking how to get your license back after a DUI in Florida - it’s an interactive process. Thousands of drivers have succeeded and it’s just a matter of taking proper action right away.

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Get Your License Back After A DUI

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