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SR-22 Insurance And Getting License Back After DUI


Aside from license suspension after a DUI, probably one of the first notices that you’ll receive is that your auto insurance has just been cancelled.

This may be the least of your worries at the time as the plan to get your license back after a DUI seems to be the most important.

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Although insurance is required in most (if not all) U.S. States, usually proof of such insurance exists in the form of a slip of paper carried by the driver or in the car itself.

After a DUI conviction, many States will require what’s called an SR-22.

To alleviate confusion, the SR-22 in itself is not auto insurance. It is simply a form that notifies the State that a driver has the required insurance coverage (or “financial responsibility”).

Many insurance companies will still insure a driver after a DUI although it may not be from your original carrier. However, the same tactics and strategies must be used to find a new carrier as were used for the original one but of course, coverage fee will be the main concern.

In addition, the selection of carriers that will cover drivers with a DUI may be quite limited, but legitimate ones do exist (usually with creative sounding company names).

After finding a suitable insurance company and getting established, that company simply files the SR-22 for you with the State. Make sure this happens.

Typically, an SR-22 requirement is 3 years, which is also about the most amount of time one should remain with the new company and the inflated pricing. After that, re-negotiation or new coverage with another company should be pursued as declaration of your DUI (and the ramifications that go with it) should no longer be required.

Nevertheless, even after DUI license reinstatement through strategies found in Beat a DUI, Clear DUI Record, and DUI Expungement, if the SR-22 file lapses, your license can be suspended again. Many of the former headaches you experienced with your original DUI license reinstatement will come back to haunt you.

In some cases, it may be impossible or prohibitively expensive to acquire insurance from private companies both during and after DUI license renewal. In States that require insurance (and an SR-22) this can be quite a predicament, especially after finally getting your license back after DUI.

Here is where you can look into government sponsored insurance pools usually referred to as "Assigned Risk". These can be very expensive as well but do provide a last resort to one of the final obstacles that are keeping you from being able to drive.

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