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Recovering and Keeping Your License After DUI


Receiving a DUI charge can be a devastating, frustrating, and confusing time. There are serious ramifications on your driving history and potentially on your criminal record as well. Getting a DUI will usually cause you to lose your license for a set amount of time and this is one of the most inconvenient aspects of a DUI arrest.

Every state has differing laws dictating DUI penalties including when the revocation will go into effect, how long you will lose your license, and what you have to do to reinstate it. Because of these differing laws and procedures it is important to seek advice that applies to the procedures in your state. Some states allow you to drive until after your hearing and may or may not revoke your license then, some states take your license at the time of arrest and make it hard to get it back without going through many complicated steps and paying steep fines.

Most peopleís biggest concern after being charged with DUI is preserving their driverís license and rightly so as the loss of driving privileges can have serious affects on a personís life. Keeping or getting your license after DUI varies in complexity from state to state, so if you are arrested for DUI you should first educate yourself about the policies in your state pertaining to license revocation and DUI.

It is important to be cooperative with everyone involved in the process of arrest and at the DUI hearing. If you are uncooperative at any point your chances of retaining or reinstating your license after DUI will be decreased. It is best to consult an attorney that is knowledgeable about the DUI laws in your state to get advice on how to keep or reinstate your license. You do not necessarily need a law professional to help you, but obtaining the advice of one can help to make the process smoother and ensure that you follow all the necessary steps.

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Many times you can get a temporary license if yours is revoked on the spot until your DUI hearing. Then if your license is revoked you usually have to wait a certain time period and pay a fine before you can get it back and may even be required to attend some sort of rehabilitation class.

Sometimes you can get a temporary license that will allow you to drive under certain conditions, such as to and from work, even when your regular driving privileges are revoked. It is important to know exactly what steps you need to take to get a conditional license or to get your license back at all. You do not usually need a lawyer in order to get your license back, but you will need knowledge of the system in your state and the procedures you need to go through to get your license back or prevent it from being taken.

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